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IPMB Management provokes changes in ideas, products, markets and brands. Our international team of marketing consultants helps:

producers strengthen their position on local markets

companies discover their potential on European markets

regional branches of corporations to effectively implement marketing activities

headquarters of global companies in creating marketing plans that can be also applied in local markets

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Michał Barszcz

International education, many years of work as a project and marketing manager, and experience as an academic lecturer, allow me to work effectively with companies and focus on their products’ success within existing and new markets. I love building new projects, bringing them to market, giving them stability, and seeing them grow. Of course, globally!

Maciej Łataś

I specialize in a creative approach to strategy and communication. For over 20 years, I have been running marketing projects for clients from all over Europe. I transfer knowledge and experience acquired in various industries and business models to new projects, and it usually gives excellent results.

Magdalena Krippner

Strategy and development are my passion - both at work and in private life. I combine over 15 years of experience in international strategy and marketing with an individual approach to designing solutions with my partners. I am not afraid to trust my intuition at work, but I always combine it with efficient use of data & frameworks. I am based in Cologne, Germany, serving mainly clients from Central European countries, communicating fluently in German, English & Polish.

Ricard Julia Moller

I believe people make a difference. But when it comes to performance, technology can change the world, and that’s where I thrive. The combination of strategy and performance has been the most incredible adventure over the past 20 years of my professional life. I have successfully built brands for large pharmaceutical companies and international FMCG corporations, but I also have extensive experience with SMEs, and focusing on measurable business results. I work with clients from all over the world, with an emphasis on Spanish-speaking countries.

Adam Revill

The past 10 years of my professional career have led to me becoming a Director and consultant for several companies. I have significant experience with SME’s producing, importing or exporting products/services within the EU and further afield. I became a qualified ACCA accountant 3 years ago and have a wealth of knowledge on UK company structures and compliance with UK regulations across various markets. I thrive on becoming a trusted partner for my clients and incorporating their values into my own.

Yosef Yadid

My strength lies in procedure and precision. Having spent several years in the military, my approach is head on. Together, we strategize and stabilize the finer details of your operation in order for your vision and business potential to truly flourish. As a young entrepreneur, I’m not afraid to challenge the status quo in pursuit of new opportunities. My experience in branding for the TikTok generation provides a fresh perspective to keep your business grounded in the now. Focus on Middle East and US markets. Demonstrated history in telecom and travel.

Steve Parker

The thrill of seeing clients' products and services appreciated in global markets first started 40 years ago. The challenge and delight of helping clients and the people within them develop and witness their products and services sold successfully in markets worldwide remains. I have a passion for developing and maintaining relationships across languages and cultures that continues today and into the future. By advising, guiding, showing, and doing, I know that I can help clients enjoy global success and share wonderful experiences. So let's 'explore, dream, and discover.'

Andrea Soto Massip

I’m hands-on, results-oriented, and sales and marketing are my passion. I love new projects and working on them with multidisciplinary teams. People and their stories inspire me. I like to use knowledge transversally and creatively to break barriers and identify new growth opportunities. I have experience in managing start-ups, local and family-owned businesses, international companies, and franchises. I am always ready to face the next challenge in Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, German, English, or in a mixture of all of them.

Archi Kabiraj

A double Masters in Strategy and Marketing, and Psychology, combined with 10+ years of experience across varied domains in fast-growing companies, have helped me understand the psyche of customers and offer communication solutions that cut through the clutter. I love understanding people’s motivations and then developing strategies to solve their challenges.

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